Shipping fee is changed by the DHL fares due to the destination country.

Payment options: online credit card payment, bank transfer in advance. Detailed information under the Payment methods.

Terms Conditions of carriage



The cost of home delivery in Hungary, per unit is gross of EUR 5,-
In case of a purchase above EUR 84,- the delivery is free. 

Delivery time: 1 business day after pickup

Payment options: online credit card payment, bank transfer in advance. Detailed information under the Payment methods.

The ordered products can only be delivered via the GLS courier service to the delivery address you provide, no postal delivery.
GLS Courier Service serve on workdays between 8am and 5pm, so it is recommended that you provide a delivery address during your order, where you can take the package (eg. your workplace) during working hours. Please provide your mobile phone number so the courier can reach you if further consultation is required. GLS will notify the recipient in a text message and by e-mail after ordering the parcel delivery.

The first notice contains all the important information about the package, the customer service availability and the direct link of the GLS Delivery Manager website. In the online interface, the recipient can choose from a variety of delivery methods. For example, you can choose a new delivery date, enter another address, or redirect the package to a GLS Pickup Point.

The second alert is sent on the day of delivery on the morning when the courier receives the package and assigns the expected delivery to the 3 hour time window. This message includes the courier phone number and customer service availability.

In order to avoid shipping problems, we would like to give som advice to our customers: 

* Delivery usually takes place in working hours, so it is advisable to provide a daytime, workplace address as a shipping address, but in this case please be sure to enter the name of your company or company besides your name, or contact your colleagues at the reception or postal department for larger companies that you are waiting for shipment!
* The store system is fully automated: you place the order in the appropriate boxes at the time of order, it is automatically shipped without check, so please be sure to check the exact delivery details! This also applies to the shipping name: if you are a customer, but your name is not on your door or in your mailbox at the specified address, enter the name there.
* If the courier does not find anyone at the address, it will notify you, but unfortunately the notification will often be lost or mixed because the mailbox can not be locked or thrown in a lot of advertising material. If you are waiting for a shipment, please always carefully check your mailbox for no notification.


It is possible to receive items ordered without any shipping cost in Budapest. You can select this method when finalizing the order. 

Dolce Vita Café / Gömböc Showroom 1093 Budapest, Lónyay street 41.
Receipt of orders: weekdays from 10am - 5pm
Phone: +36 1 221 8888

Payment options: cash or cerdit card payment at receipt, online credit card payment, bank transfer in advance. Detailed information under the Payment methods. 

We notify you via e-mail when you can take the package, you have 5 working days for pickup. The package of course can be hold further, in this case please notify us via phone or e-mail.  


We reserve the right to change the fee, but orders already made will be charged for the prize that is shown at the time of the order confirmation and which is also included in the feedback e-mail. (Unless orders are modified for any reason, they will be merged: the modified order will be subject to delivery conditions at the time of modification.)
The shipping fee contains the general sales tax of the same value as the VAT content of the goods, which in each case - together with the goods - we give a VAT invoice, which you will find in the shipment!

Some important facts

- Injury

Please check the box at check-in before delivery and at Pick Pack Point. If you experience any damage to the box that indicates damage to the goods in it, you can report it out and do not take over the package. If there is a small amount of dents or scratches on the box, obviously there is no evidence of damage to the product. In the absence of a protocol, we are not able to exchange the shipment free of charge. If you are experiencing injury, please contact our customer service immediately by contacting info {bug} by e-mail or working hours at +36 1 221 8888.

- What to do if the shipment does not arrive?

We provide accurate bookings for orders placed. If no consignment arrives, you can find the barcode identifier on the shipment.In the first step, please let us know the problem so that we can contact the courier service.


1/  On-site payment: at personal pickup in the showroom, by cash or credit card. 
Cost: EUR 0,-

2/  Prepay through Your bank account. The package will be launched upon receipt of the amount, in case of personal receipt in showroom it can be received after that.
Cost: the transfer fee determined by Your bank
     Beneficary name: Formaa Bt.
     IBAN: HU50 1170 9002 2064 7193 0000 0000
     Please enter the order number in the bulletin box, which will be sent to you by an automatic confirmation e-mail after the order is closed. 
     Bank confirmation is not enough, the package can be delivered or picked up after the receipt of the amount. 

3/ Online credit card payment after placing the order at OTP Bank's safety payment page. 
Cost: EUR 0,- 
More information HERE.